7 Kitchen Knife Essentials & How to Use Them

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7 Kitchen Knife Essentials & How to Use Them

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April 2 2021


Here's everything you need to know on the various types of kitchen knives, including when to use them. 

  1. Chef's Knife

    The chef's knife is the MVP, with a blade ranging from 6 to 14 inches long. Chop, slice, mince, dice, and more with this versatile all-purpose knife.

    • Chop vegetables
    • Cut large fruits
    • Butterfly chicken breasts
  2. Serrated Knife

    Use the sharp saw-like blade to cut through items with hard or tough exteriors and soft, easily crushed interiors with ease.

    • Slice bread
    • Level cake layers
    • Cut flaky pastries
  3. Paring Knife

    Handle miniature tasks with a miniature knife. A paring knife is easy to hold and control for jobs that take more finesse.

    • Peel fruit
    • Core tomatoes
    • Devein shrimp
  4. Utility Knife

    With a blade around 4 to 6 inches in length, a utility knife is useful for everyday tasks that don't require a larger chef's knife.

    • Slice apples
    • Cut sandwiches
    • Cut lemon wedges
  5. Cleaver

    This sturdy rectangular knife is mainly used to cut through meat, bones, and connective tissue. Its wide blade also makes a handy transfer tool!

    • Cut meat
    • Cut hearty vegetables
    • Crush garlic
  6. Utility Shears

    A good pair of utility shears can be used for everything from snipping herbs to breaking down poultry. Hot tip: If you've ever been frustrated trying to cut up raw bacon, try using utility shears!

    • Chop herbs
    • Snip through flatbreads
    • Cut up dried fruits
  7. Cutting Board

    Always use a cutting board to chop up food! Two of the most common materials used to make cutting boards are wood and bamboo. Bamboo is the cheaper and more sustainable option of the two, while wood tends to be more heavy-duty.