How to Use a Mandoline

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How to Use a Mandoline

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    Mandolines ensure slices of vegetables and fruits are even. They also achieve thinner slices than you can with a knife. 

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    1. Prep Potato for Slicing. Use a knife to trim the ends from the potato to create a flat surface for slicing. Attach the potato to the hand guard.

    2. Adjust Slicer Thickness. For the OXO Good Grips Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer, use the knob on the side of the mandolin to adjust the blade to the desired thickness setting.

    3. Set Up Slicing Area. Position the mandoline over a cutting board. Hold the mandoline handle perpendicular to your body. 

    4. Slice Potatoes. Gripping the potato by the attached hand guard, firmly push the potato down the runway and away from your body to slice.