The Best Cuts of Meat That Won't Break the Bank

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The Best Cuts of Meat That Won't Break the Bank

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February 16 2018
  1. Beef Chuck

    A low heat for a long time—that's usually what it takes to get this cut of meat fork-tender. But did you know you can get the same result from the grill? (High five!) Just marinate the meat and baste while you grill it over indirect heat. You'll see exactly what we mean.

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  2. Flank Steak

    Flank Steak Open Faced Sandwiches with Avocado Spread and Arugula

    Flank and skirt steak are less expensive than steak but they have all the same great flavor. In fact, if you need to feed a crowd, try steak sliders and discover how to turn a 2-pound beef flank steak into 16 BBQ sliders.

  3. Pork Chops

    Grilled Pork Chop Held Up by Metal Tongs

    Tired of chicken? Stock up on inexpensive pork chops. These nutritious cuts are high in protein and contain a good dose of B vitamins. For grilling, sear the chop over direct heat, then turn the chop and cook over indirect heat until the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees F.

  4. Chicken Legs

    Chicken Drum Sticks with Lemon Slices and Lemon Zest

    Drumsticks are easy to cook, affordable, kids love to eat them—what's not to like? And if you pick up a side of mac & cheese and green beans ... well, we call that winning Sunday dinner.

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  5. Pork Shoulder

    Pulled Pork Sandwich with Barbecue Sauce

    We love pork shoulder, especially when it's roasted on the grill for hints of smokiness. Or toss it in the slow cooker for some barbecued pulled pork sandwiches or tacos. 

  6. Chicken Thighs

    Grilled Chicken Thighs

    Arguably the most flavorful part of the chicken, the thighs are not only inexpensive, they're also more forgiving when it comes to accidentally overcooking. In other words, they stay tender and juicy.

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  7. The Whole Chicken

    Roasted Chicken with Rosemary and Lemon Wedges

    Cooking a whole bird is a win-win. It's the least expensive and provides everyone with their favorite cut of chicken.

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