5 Canned Craft Cocktails for Easy Summer Sippin'

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5 Canned Craft Cocktails for Easy Summer Sippin'

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May 20 2020


Have you tried the newest sensation: canned cocktails? Not only do we love how easy and portable they are, but they taste like you spent time and effort creating the perfectly balanced cocktail. But, all you had to do was pour and garnish. Here are some of our favorite canned creations for easy summer sippin'. Order now from Aisles Online!

  1. Boulevard Fling Blood Orange Vodka Soda

    Garnish with a blood orange peel, rosemary spring, and a blood orange slice.

  2. Cutwater Whiskey Mule

    Garnish with lime wedges and fresh mint.

  3. High Noon Watermelon

    Garnish with watermelon slices and fresh basil.

  4. Boulevard Fling Mai Tai

    Garnish with mango chunks threaded on a skewer, kiwi slice, and an edible flower.

  5. Cutwater Cucumber Vodka Soda

    Garnish with cucumber ribbons and a halved strawberry.