Hy-Vee Homefront

Serving Those Who Served

Through Hy-Vee Homefront® we are able to partner with our customers and communities to increase awareness for important veteran and active duty military support efforts. We are able to recruit military members to our team. And most importantly, we are able to honor veterans with special programs and events, and provide support to organizations that serve our nation’s military members, veterans and their families.

Our mission is to make lives easier, healthier and happier—and that is exactly what we will do for our veterans and their families through Hy-Vee Homefront. We know that this is important to you as well, and hope you take a moment to learn more about this worthy initiative, and join us in continuing to support those who have dedicated their lives to improving ours.

Hy-Vee’s Shared Vision

At Hy-Vee, we are a company built on strong customer service, tradition and a commitment to doing what is right. We know that these core values are shared by our nation’s veterans and military members, and we are proud to have been long-time, strong supporters of these American heroes. But as a company that cares deeply about the communities and people we serve, we also know that we can and should do more. That is why we created Hy-Vee Homefront.