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Pair eyewear at Hy-Vee
Dad and Daughter Wearing Glasses

About Pair Eyewear

Pair Eyewear is the first direct-to-consumer, customizable eyewear brand reimagining the experience for those who wear glasses! With Pair, adults and children alike can quickly and easily customize the look of their glasses anytime, anywhere. Pair Eyewear provides high-quality, affordable glasses with an engaging digital experience for just $60.00 per Pair including prescription lenses - well below the $300.00 average price point for a pair of prescription glasses. The brand's large and expanding selection of over one-thousand customizable top frames includes limited edition monthly drops and licensed designs from brands such as Marvel, Harry Potter, Sesame Street, The NBA and more. Pair Eyewear offers optical glasses, sunglasses, and blue light glasses, and are all available in both prescription and non-prescription options for women, men and kids.

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Lens Options

Upgrade your lenses with premium ultra thin, progressive, and these below

Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Blue Light Filtering

Perfect for those who spend a lot of time in front of a screen

Progressive Glasses


A modern day alternative for bifocal lenses

Light Responsive Glasses

Light Responsive

A modern day alternative for bifocal lenses

Sunglass Lenses Glasses

Sunglass Lenses

Perfect for those who spend a lot of time in front of a screen

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Pair Eyewear at Hy-Vee