Hawaiian Salmon Pineapple Bowls


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Hawaiian Salmon Pineapple Bowls

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    Who needs a bowl when you can use a pineapple half? Grill salmon and place on a delicious pineapple rice mixture for a tropical Hawaiian flavor. 

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    Servings and Ingredients

    Serves 2
    2 (4-oz.) Hy-Vee farm-raised Atlantic salmon fillets
    ½ c. purchased Hawaiian marinade
    1 c. mango, peeled, seeded, and chopped
    ¼ c. avocado, peeled, seeded, and chopped.
    3 tbsp. red onion, finely chopped
    2 tbsp. cilantro, chopped
    ¾ tsp. Hy-Vee salt, divided
    ⅛ tsp. Hy-Vee chili powder
    1 fresh pineapple
    1 c. canned Hy-Vee light coconut milk
    ½ c. Hy-Vee long grain white rice, rinsed
    ¼ c. water
    ½ tsp. Hy-Vee crushed red pepper

    Things To Grab

    • Paper towels
    • Large resealable plastic bag
    • Medium bowl
    • Large measuring cup
    • Serving platter


    1. Pat salmon dry with paper towels; place in a large resealable plastic bag. Add Hawaiian marinade to bag, seal, and refrigerate 4 hours.

    2. Combine mango, avocado, red onion, cilantro, lime juice, ¼ teaspoon salt and chili powder in a medium bowl; set aside.

    3. Cut pineapple in half lengthwise. Use a sharp knife to cut into and around the edge, about ½-inch away from peel. Cut out core, discard. Cut the remaining pineapple into small squares. Use a spoon to scoop the pieces out. 

    4. Combine 1 cup pineapple pieces, coconut milk, rice, water, remaining ½ teaspoon salt, and crushed red pepper in a large measuring cup. Microwave for 5 minutes on HIGH. Reduce power to 50% and cook an additional 10 minutes. Let cool slightly, then fluff with a fork.

    5. Prepare a gas or charcoal grill with greased grill rack for direct cooking over medium-high heat. Drain salmon; discard marinade. Grill salmon 4 to 6 minutes or until fish flakes easily with a fork (145 degrees), turning once halfway through. 

    6. Place pineapple halves on a serving platter. Divide rice mixture between pineapple halves and top each with a salmon fillet and salsa.

    Nutrition facts


    730 Calories per serving

    Amounts Per Serving

    • Total Fat: 30g
    • Cholesterol: 60mg
    • Sodium: 1460mg
    • Total Carbohydrates: 89g
    • Protein: 31g

    Daily Values

    Iron 30%
    Calcium 6%
    Vitamin D 60%
    Potassium 25%

    Recipe Source:

    Hy-Vee Seasons Magazine May 2021