Myths About Metabolism

8 Myths About Your Metabolism

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December 19 2017
  1. Thinner People Have Higher Metabolisms

    Truth: Larger bodies have higher basal metabolic rates because there is more body surface to work while at rest.

  2. You Cannot Control Your Metabolism

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    Truth: While genetics play a part in BMR, you can still alter your metabolism through diet and exercise. Lean muscle burns more calories than body fat does.

  3. Green Tea or Spices Can Speed Up Metabolism

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    Truth: No food on its own amps up metabolism in any significant way. Some studies have suggested that a very, very small amount of weight may be lost over a limited time due to capsaicin in hot peppers and catechins in green tea.

  4. Eating 500 Calories a Day Is a Good Way to Lose Weight

    Truth: This is not a good plan. You can’t sustain that for long, and your body may go into "no-starve" mode, which slows down metabolism.

  5. Everything Eaten Late at Night Turns to Fat

    Truth: If the foods you’re eating are healthy, it generally doesn’t matter what time you eat. A bowl of cereal has the same impact whether eaten at 10 a.m. or 10 p.m.

  6. Sipping Lemon or Citrus Water Increases Your Metabolism

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    Truth: Lemon juice contains vitamin C, less sugar, and fewer calories than orange juice, and squirting it into water may help you stay hydrated during the day. But there is little evidence that lemon water alters metabolism. 

  7. Several Small Meals Per Day Are Better Than One Or Two Larger Ones

    Truth: Unless the several smaller meals total fewer calories, it really doesn’t matter. In general, a total of 1,800 calories has about the same effect whether scattered over the day or eaten in two meals.