17 of Our Favorite Pet Items for Your Dog or Cat

17 of Our Favorite Pet Items for Your Dog or Cat

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April 22 2021


Your pets deserve the best! We've rounded up 17 of our go-to pet supplies for dogs and cats of all breeds, shapes, and sizes.

For even more ideas, tune into HSTV's Filled to the Brim, starring Brim, the English Mastiff. Watch what hijinks Brim gets into, and see which Hy-Vee pet items are his favorite.

  1. Meow Mix Tasty Layers Gravy-Coated Mix

    Give your kitty an indulgent mealtime experience with unique and exciting layers of flavor and texture they’ll love.

  2. Rachael Ray Soup Bones with Bone Broth

    Rachael Ray Soup Bones are made with real beef, peas, and carrots—sure to satisfy your pup’s palate.

  3. Paws Happy Life Plastic Double Dinner Dish

    Cut down on clutter with the 2-in-1 Paws Happy Life Plastic Double Dinner Dish.

  4. Paws Happy Life Rope Toy

    Durable Paws Happy Life Rope Toys will let you and your dog get in a good game of tug of war.

  5. Milk-Bone Medium Biscuits

    Train your dog with the help of Milk-Bone Medium Biscuits.

  6. Paws Premium Nylon Leash

    Go ahead, let your dog drag you around the neighborhood! A Paws Premium Nylon Leash will make sure he doesn't take off without you.

  7. Paws Happy Life Dental Care Bone

    Harmful bacteria can spread from the teeth and gums. Keep your dog’s mouth healthy with dental care toys.

  8. Paws Happy Life Crinkle Cat Balls

    Your cat will stay occupied for hours batting their Paws Happy Life Crinkle Cat Ball around the house.

  9. Paws Happy Life Cow Plush Toy

    Give your dog a new fluffy friend to play with!

  10. Paws Happy Life Spiked Rubber Ball

    Perfect for playing fetch at the dog park.

  11. Milk-Bone Gnaw Bone Dog Treats

    Keep your dog busy with raw-hide free, long-lasting Milk-Bone Gnaw Bone Dog Treats.

  12. Milk-Bone Brushing Chews

    Milk-Bone Brushing Chews taste like a snack and clean like a toothbrush.

  13. Paws Happy Life Loofa Dog Toy

    Your dog will love carrying around this fuzzy, squeaky Plush Loofa Dog Toy.

  14. Snausages in a Blanket Dog Snacks

    The chewy texture of Snausages are fit for senior dogs with tender gums, but canines of all ages will love them!

  15. Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Meatballs Homestyle Dog Treats

    100% real chicken is the main ingredient in Milo's Kitchen Chicken Meatballs Homestyle Dog Treats, so you know your dog is getting important nutrients as he snacks.

  16. Meow Mix Tasty Layers Swirled Pate

    It looks and tastes fancy—made for your fancy feline.

  17. 9Lives Meaty Pate

    With savory tastes and luxuriously soft texture, 9Lives is a decadent meal full of vital nutrients.