11 Potted and Hanging Plants to Cheer Up Your Outdoor Living Space

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11 Potted and Hanging Plants to Cheer Up Your Outdoor Living Space

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April 6 2020


When it comes to easy solutions for adding color and greenery to an outdoor space, remember that the right potted plant or hanging flower basket can go a long way in livening up a space. Below are some of our favorites. Visit your local Hy-Vee Garden Center for more plants, flowers, and all the landscaping tools you need.

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  1. Cordyline

    Although considered an indoor plant, cordyline, also known as red dracaena, doubles as a focal point in outdoor containers surrounded by sprawling annual flowers.

  2. Summer Crush Hydrangea

    A compact grower well suited for containers, Summer Crush is a newer addition to the Endless Summer line and features raspberry red or neon purple flowers.

  3. Hanging Baskets

    Choose from a large selection of planters and hanging baskets with bright flowers or handsome foliage plants like these easy-care succulents.

  4. Wine and Roses Weigela

    Full of bright pink trumpet-shape blooms in spring, this hummingbird favorite has attractive purple foliage the rest of the growing season.

  5. Fountain Grass

    This pretty annual grass boasts colorful foliage topped by handsome flowerheads lasting into winter. Found grass is also available in green and burgundy varieties.

  6. Coleus

    An alluring tropical plant grown for its foliage, this annual features many variegated colors and patterns. It works well in containers, window boxes, and even in landscape beds.

  7. Limelight Hydrangea

    The big bold flowers are hard to resist, opening in an elegant hue of pale green and aging to a mix of pink, red, and burgundy. It makes a great dried flower, too!

  8. Summer Wine Ninebark

    Wine-colored foliage and a compact, gracefully arching habit are a draw on their own, but Summer Wine ninebark also has pretty pink flowers in late spring.

  9. Boston Fern

    With its cascading fronds, this tropical fern looks great in a hanging basket on a porch or other bright spot out of direct sunlight. You can even bring it indoors before frost and grow it as a houseplant.

  10. Double Play Gold Spirea

    If colorful foliage and an extended time of bloom aren't enough, this spirea features a compact rounded shape that fits into any garden.

  11. Succulents

    These thick-leaf plants are ideal for hot, sunny spots and containers. Plus, they need less watering an d care than other potted plants, so they won't wither if you "accidentally" neglect them.