How to Make a Frosting Rose

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How to Make a Frosting Rose

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cupcake with frosted rose

Things To Grab

  • Decorating bag
  • Wilton #12 piping tip
  • Wilton #104 piping tip
  • Wilton #20 piping tip

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    Give your cupcakes a professional look by piping on buttercream roses. 

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    1. Frost a cupcake with a thin layer of frosting. Using a decorating bag with a fitted tip (we recommend a Wilton #12), hold the bag tip down, directly over the cupcake center and squeeze out the frosting. Create a 1-inch wide by 1-1/2-inch tall cone shape for the center of the rose. 

    2. cupcake with frosted rose

      Using a rose tip (we recommend a Wilton #104) hold the cake at a 45 degree angle. Making sure that the wide portion of the tip is at the bottom, touching the center of the rose, create rose petals by creating a rainbow or upside-down "U" shape as you slowly turn the cupcake.

    3. Slowly turning the cake, make 3 overlapping petals in the center of the cupcake. Overlap the first row of petals with another row for staggering petals to make the rose look realistic. Continue overlapping petals, increasing the number of petals to increase the size of the rose.

    4. When the rose is finished, pipe on a white border around the edge using a star tip, if desired (we recommend the Wilton #20 piping tip).