Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $5, $10, $20 and $35

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $5, $10, $20 and $35

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June 7 2023


Whether your dad is a neighborhood-famous grill master, a semi-pro backyard athlete or a cocktail connoisseur who loves getting behind the bar, Hy-Vee has Father’s Day gifts he’ll love that fit any budget. Choose a gift from the list below that matches his personality and hobbies, or mix and match a few different items to create a personalized gift basket for Father’s Day.

  1. $5 and under

    These budget-friendly Father’s Day gift ideas — including a top-notch grill brush and snack-able beef jerky — can stand on their own, or be paired with some of his other favorites.

    • TopCare Grooming KitThis travel-ready grooming kit includes tweezers, clippers, a nail file and more — everything Dad needs to stay in tip-top shape.
    • BBQ Grill BrushA compact grill brush with stainless steel bristles and an attached scraper ­­­is just what he needs to keep his grill in pristine condition.
    • Raygun Can CoolerHelp Dad keep his drink cold during every summer cookout with an ink-printed foam can cooler.
    • Dad’s Root BeerToast to Dad with one of his favorite drinks: a fizzy, refreshing, old-fashioned root beer.
    • Cowboy Griller: Get ready for a Father’s Day cookout with Hy-Vee’s ready-made Cowboy Griller, a bacon-wrapped chicken breast stuffed with zesty jalapeños and gooey hot pepper cheese.
    • Crav’n Flavor Beef Jerky: Make sure Dad stays fully stocked on one of his favorite snacks—chewy, hardwood smoked beef jerky from Crav’n Flavor.
    • Foster & Rye Bottle Opener: With this gift, he’ll never find himself in need of a bottle opener again thanks to this stainless-steel version that includes a carabiner for clipping to keychains or belt loops.
  2. $10 and under

    Tell Dad how much you appreciate everything he does with a heartfelt Hallmark card, a celebratory helium balloon, and other Father’s Day gift ideas for each of his hobbies.

    • Hallmark Card: An embellished card with 3D cork lettering attached to high-quality paper is the best place to write Dad a personalized message.
    • Duke Cannon Bar Soap: Duke Cannon’s Busch beer soap not only has a refreshing sandalwood scent, but also donates a portion of proceeds to U.S. veterans.
    • TableCraft Long Handle Spatula: Dad can expertly flip burgers, steaks, seafood and more with this stainless steel spatula with a wood handle long enough to keep his hands away from the heat.
    • “Best Day Ever” Father’s Day Balloon: Surprise Dad with a helium balloon from Hy-Vee wishing him a Happy Father’s Day.
    • Mad Man Fisherman’s Friend Multi-Tool: Before he heads out on his next fishing trip, replace the tools in his tackle box with this fish-shaped multi-tool that includes a bottle opener, wine opener, Phillips head screwdriver, scissors and more. Shop at Your Local Hy-Vee.
    • My Dad’s Cookies - Gluten Free: Give Dad snacks he doesn’t have to share — an assortment of gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free cookies in flavors like lemon drop and vanilla graham.
    • Blender Bottle: Help him take hydration on the go with a 28-oz. water bottle that includes a wire whisk for expertly mixing in protein powder with just a few shakes. 
  3. $25 and under

    Celebrate Dad with a gourmet steak dinner, sweet tooth-satisfying cookie cake, cocktail rocks that won’t water down his drink and other great Father’s Day gifts from Hy-Vee.

    • Viski Soapstone Glacier Rocks: Keep soapstone cubes in the freezer, then add them to neat spirits to cool Dad’s drink without watering it down, affecting the flavor or scratching the glass.
    • Duke Cannon Big Bourbon Beard Oil: For the Dad who takes pride in keeping a lush, full beard, help him hydrate and nourish his facial hair with oak barrel-scented moisturizing oil from Duke Cannon made with Buffalo Trace bourbon.
    • Angus Reserve T-Bone Steak: Prepare Dad for steak night with Hy-Vee’s juicy, top-quality Angus reserve T-bone steaks (bonus points if you do the grilling).
    • Bakery Fresh 12” Decorated Chocolate Chip Cookie: Visit the Hy-Vee Bakery for a large, 12-inch chocolate chip cookie decorated for Father’s Day with creamy, colorful frosting.
    • Traeger BBQ Spatula: A 17-inch stainless steel spatula with a teak wood handle is just what Dad needs for a summer spent in front of the grill.
    • Big Moe Cason Rib Rub: Amp up the flavor on Dad’s next rack of ribs with a competition-quality rub from award-winning pitmaster Moe Cason.
    • Brumate Rocks Tumbler: This 12-oz. tumbler was made for sipping backyard cocktails thanks to the leakproof lid and condensation-free design — plus, it keeps drinks cold for up to 12 hours.
  4. $35 and under

    Prepare for an afternoon of backyard competition by giving Dad a colorful bocce ball set or a large portable cooler, or shake things up at his home bar with a full cocktail-making set.

    • Houdini Bar Set: For the Dad who loves to change up his signature drink, give a full cocktail kit that includes a Boston shaker, bar spoon, double jigger, cocktail strainer and muddler, made with quality materials like stainless, glass and wood.
    • Hydro 12-oz Coffee Mug: Whether he’s a constant coffee drinker or enjoys a cup of tea or cocoa, this stainless steel insulated mug will keep his drink of choice piping hot for up to six hours.
    • Franklin Sports Bocce Set: Give Dad a gift that gets the whole family involved — a four-player bocce ball set designed for the backyard or the beach.
    • Igloo Cooler, Majestic Blue, 12 qt.: For keeping drinks cold at a barbecue or packing up for a summer road trip, this Igloo cooler can keep as many as 18 cans cold with no leaks.
    • Meat Bundle 4: Stock the fridge for Dad’s next cookout with premium meats from Hy-Vee: six boneless pork loin top loin chops, six pork bratwursts, 2 lbs. of 85% lean ground chuck, and 2 lbs. of boneless, skinless chicken breasts.
    • Lodge 10.25” Cast Iron Skillet: Dad can cook in the oven, on the stove or over a roaring campfire with a Tennessee-made, oil-seasoned cast iron skillet.