10 Ways to Explore with Kids

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10 Ways to Explore with Kids

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June 2 2020


Exploration is a great way to keep kids busy this summer. It's also important to a child’s mental development. Whether discovering new worlds or examining the world around home, keep those little minds active with these fun, educational activities.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

    Take them on a traditional hunt or make it interactive: find three flowers that differ from one another, then try to identify them with eyes closed—by scent or touch.

  2. Collective Leaves

    Make your backyard cleanup educational! Identify species using a tree guide or by entering descriptive keywords in an online search. Fill a scrapbook with pressed leaves.

  3. Invent Something

    Find a solution to a situation: how to keep the floor by the dog’s water bowl dry or how to make a recipe taste better.

  4. Observe & Report

    Have a child pick a plant to observe and photograph in different seasons. Pay attention to how the plant responds to its changing environment.

  5. Plant a Garden

    Give kids a small space to call their own, then help them prepare the soil and plant their choices of flowers and vegetables.

  6. Write a Story

    Help kids come up with a list of characters, motivations and locations. Then write a short story together, prompting them to contribute details.

  7. Stage a Play

    Half the fun is finding costumes and props, which can then inspire the script. Brainstorm ideas together. Follow the script loosely by ad-libbing.

  8. Build Ramps

    Use cardboard or other material to build ramps to race marbles. Work with kids to modify ramps to alter marble speed or destination.

  9. Engineer a Solution

    Make a big pile of sand and let kids figure out how to build a stable roadway and prevent landslides— using gravel, timbers and other items.

  10. Make an Erupting Volcano

    Remember this simple experiment from science class? It's super easy to recreate at home.