3 Long-Lasting Tulip Tips, Plus 1 Boot-iful Arrangement

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3 Long-Lasting Tulip Tips, Plus 1 Boot-iful Arrangement

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April 18 2019


It's Tulip time! These bright, beautiful flowers signal spring is here. We have tips on making stunning arrangements and how to keep them looking vibrant all season long.  

  1. Pick the Right Vase

    Stems are slender and delicate. Pick a vase that's tall, narrow, and contains at least half of the stem to keep the blooms upright.

  2. Trim Stems

    Tulips continue to grow after they're snipped from the bulb and trimmed. To keep them at a consistent height, trim stems at a 45-degree angle. 

  3. Proper Placement

    Direct sunlight may cause tulips to lean and droop. Set them in partial bright light, such as a window with a light shade.

  4. Boot-iful Boquets

    Divide tulips into two slender vases. Then, slip them into rain boots. Use crumpled plastic bags along the vase sides to secure them into the boots. 

  5. Wilt-Free Solution

    Keep cut flowers blooming with a mixture of half water and half 7-Up or Sprite. The sugar from the soda will nourish the stems to prevent early wilting.