How to Make a Floral Door Hanger

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How to Make a Floral Door Hanger

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Things To Grab

  • Show this checklist to your local Hy-Vee florist for help in choosing the perfect items for this DIY project.
  • 2-3 focal flowers with water tips—use big or bright flower options to catch everyone's eye
  • 2 line flowers with water tips—use a spike or spike-like inflorescence with an elongated stem
  • 3-4 filler flowers with water tips—use colors that complement your focal flowers
  • 2-3 foliage options—use loose greenery to fill in missing patches of your bouquet
  • Heavy paper for base—use colorful construction paper or poster board
  • Ribbon or bow
  • Glue or tape (invisible tape recommended)
  • Stapler

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    Get your neighbors to turn their heads with a beautiful floral door hanger! Or, create and gift this to a friend or neighbor to brighten their doorway.

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    1. Place flowers and greenery on a towel to dry. Set aside for a few minutes.

      Important: Make sure water tips are placed on the stems of each flower to keep them fresher longer!

    2. Using your construction paper or poster board, create the base.

      1. Make a paper disc. The height of your cone will be determined by the radius of your circle. The larger the radius, the taller the cone. 
      2. Draw a triangle wedge. The size should be approximately 1/4 of your total disc. 
      3. Cut the triangle wedge out of the circle.
      4. Bring the cut sides of your disc together. Hold it together and make sure the lower ridge of both sides overlap evenly. 
      5. Glue or tape the cone closed from the inside.
    3. Create your arrangement using flowers and greenery. Cut stem length as necessary.

      1. Place focal flowers first, keeping them spaced and at varying lengths.
      2. Fill space gaps with line flowers at varying lengths.
      3. Use half of your filler flowers to fill additional space gaps at varying lengths.
      4. Fill remaining space within the cone using foliage at varying lengths. 
      5. If necessary, place remaining filler flowers in front of large areas of greenery to create balance. 
      6. Trim stems and re-organize floral placement to your liking. 
    4. Create the door hanger using your ribbon.

      1. Cut ribbon length based on how far you want it to drop from door handle. 
      2. Gently flip your arrangement so the back side is facing up. 
      3. Staple one end of the ribbon twice 2 in. from the top of the cone. 
      4. Measure 4-5 in. laterally across from the first staple mark. Staple the second end of the ribbon twice.
    5. Tie the ribbon so the knot is on the front side of the arrangement in the upper center of the cone. Or, place the bow on the front side of the arrangement in the upper center of the cone.