30 Melt-Proof Makeup Solutions for Summer

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30 Melt-Proof Makeup Solutions for Summer

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August 2 2021


Keep freshly applied makeup looking flawless through hot days with optimal application steps and long-wear formulas. It all starts with a smooth surface you can only get with primer.

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  1. Moisturizer + SPF

    The optimal base for makeup is a hydrated one. Start your routine with a face moisturizer that has SPF for crucial sun protection. We like CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30.

    P.S. Sunscreen isn't just for summer! UV protection should be worn year-round to protect skin.

  2. Eyeshadow Primer

    Eyeshadow stays on eyelids without creasing throughout the day with a reliable primer like e.l.f. Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer.

  3. Face Primer

    Poreless primers help make skin look even and smooth. Illuminating options add vibrancy to your look. Try:

  4. Concealer

    For an all-day hydrated and blemish-free face, treat undereyes and dark spots with a soothing, long-lasting concealer like e.l.f. 16 HR Camo Concealer.

  5. Foundation

    Long-lasting formulas stay in place when applied in a light layer to your face and blended down the neck. We recommend:

  6. Blending Sponges

    Get even skin tone and a natural finish to every curve of your face with pointed- and rounded-end sponges, including:

  7. Eyeshadow

    Mimic summertime flowers with eyeshadow colors like turquoise, coral, and lilac. With primer applied, rich, pigmented eyeshadow has the power to wow all day long. Find shades you love in both powder and liquid options, like:

  8. Eyeliner

    Waterproof, smudge-proof, long-lasting eyeliners keep dramatic winged liner, cat eyes, and more locked in place. Shop:

  9. Mascara

    Thick, lush, and healthy looking lashes that dazzle in any weather are easy to master with these waterproof mascaras:

  10. Blush

    Add all-day glow with sweet light pink shades or peachy blush and highlighter duos topping prepped and primed cheeks. We like:

  11. Bronzer

    Brush a blend of bronzer shades from the e.l.f. Bronzer Palette over a smooth, primed face to get an all-day sun-kissed glow.

  12. Brushes

    Apply flawless foundation, concealer, blush, setting powder, and eyeshadow using the best brush for each task, such as the FLOWER Beauty Foundation Buffing Brush.

  13. Lipstick

    Keep lip color on through patio lunches and sips of iced coffee with these 24-hour or super-stay options:

  14. Setting Spray

    Seal your beautiful work in place with a setting spray that is designed to help makeup withstand long days. Check out:

  15. Makeup Removal