Holiday Cocktail Garnishes That Are Better Than Party Tricks

Holidays: Christmas
Cute Cocktail Garnishes That Are Way Better Than Party Tricks

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November 27 2020


These merry cocktail garnishes promise to keep spirits bright.

  1. Gingerbread House

    Adorn a Chocolate Bourbon Russian, Vanilla Martini or Eggnog Cocktail with a tiny gingerbread house cookie. Simply cut a small slit up the center, about an inch.

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  2. Candy Ribbon Tree

    Dress up a Negroni, Cosmopolitan, or Martini with a deliciously edible candy-ribbon tree. Thread sour watermelon-flavored candy tape onto a small bamboo skewer. Cut a star from a yellow Starburst candy to top the tree. Then insert the skewer into the drink.

  3. Apple Spice

    Spice up an Apple Cider Mule with apple and cinnamon. Turn an apple on its side and cut thin slices. Use a toothpick to remove the seeds from each slice, exposing the star-shaped center. Dip an apple slice and cinnamon stick in each drink.

  4. Holly & Berries

    Trim a Tom Collins with frosted mint leaves and fresh raspberries. Hold a mint sprig from its stem and lightly toss the leaves in granulated sugar. Set the mint on the rim of the glass, then drop in a couple whole raspberries.

  5. Rudolph Cocktail

    Brighten an Old-Fashioned with a cheery garnish of rosemary sprig antlers and a maraschino cherry nose.