How to Crown a St. Louis Rib Roast

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How to Crown a St. Louis Rib Roast

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  • Kitchen twine or metal skewers

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    Looking for a new and impressive grilling technique? We've got you covered with 3 steps to crowning a rib roast! Once it's crowned, you're ready to grill! Use your new skills to make the BBQ Crown Rib with Jalapeño Stuffed Cornbread.

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    1. Trim excess fat from ribs after removing them from the packaging. Trimming your ribs helps them cook more evenly. 

    2. Shape the rack into a circle. Tie the ribs tightly together using kitchen twine or pin the ends with metal skewers. 

    3. Brush with a liberal coating of barbecue sauce or marinade on the ribs for a glaze. Or season ribs with a rub, like one of our Moe Cason rubs!

    4. To cook: Place directly on the grill for about 3 hours at 250 degrees. Remove the twine or meat skewers before serving.