5 Amazing Things That Set Washed Rind Cheeses Apart

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5 Amazing Things That Set Washed Rind Cheeses Apart

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September 27 2018


Washed rind cheeses are known for their characteristic aroma. In fact, they're considered some of the strongest smelling, yet sweetest tasting cheeses in the world. 

  1. They're bathed in brine.

    A type of soft-ripened cheeses, washed rind cheeses are bathed in brine, or a combination of brine, beer, wine or other spirits for flavor. 

  2. And treated with bacteria.

    They're also treated with bacteria known as Brevibacterium linens that love a salty environment and thrive on the surface of the cheese. 

  3. The aroma is beyond memorable ... in an adventurous foodie way.

    Its characteristic smell comes from the bacteria, but aroma doesn't quite match the flavor, which is much more mild than you'd expect.  

  4. It looks good in orange and pink hues.

    Washed rind cheeses should be primarily orangey-pink in color on the outside. 

  5. The stronger the smell, the riper the cheese.

    Look for a cheese with a strong earthy aroma. But don't worry, the flavor inside will be tame and delicious.