4 Ways to Wrap Gifts of All Shapes and Sizes

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4 Ways to Wrap Gifts of All Shapes and Sizes

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  • Holiday gift wrap
  • Tape
  • Scissors

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    Do not fear the sphere! Or whatever shape that is. Even the most awkward item can be perfectly presentable under the tree. Here are simple steps for wrapping gifts galore

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    1. Square or Rectangle: Cut your paper long enough to cover each side of the gift. Include some overlap. Fold up two sides of the paper, overlap one edge with the other, and tape. On one open end, push the top flap of paper down over box. That creates two triangle flaps. Fold each of the triangle flaps toward the center and secure with tape. Bring the bottom flap up and attach with tape. Repeat on the opposite end.

    2. Cylinder: Cut enough paper to wrap all the way around the cylinder with a 1-inch overlap. Each end should have several inches of extra paper. Lay the cylinder in the center of the paper and wrap around the entire circumference. Secure with tape. On one open end, fold the seam of the paper toward the center, creating a pleat. Continue folding the paper toward the center, creating more pleats. Use your finger to crease each pleat. Secure the pleats at the center with tape.

    3. Sphere: Cut a rectangular piece of wrapping paper. Both the length and width should cover the gift completely with just a few inches of overlap. Place a bowl or cup under the wrapping paper and set the gift on top of it to prevent it from rolling while you wrap. Pull the wrapping paper up toward the top of the gift, gently creasing it as you work your way around the ball. Secure the short sides of the paper with tape. Once all the paper is folded upward, carefully gather all the edges together at the center on top of the gift. Tie the extra paper with ribbon.

    4. Irregular: To wrap a gift with no straight edges or corners, cut a sheet of paper that completely covers the length of the gift with at least a 2-inch overlap. Loosely wrap the paper around the width of the gift, creating a tube with open ends. Secure with tape. Flatten one edge of the tube and fold the paper over by 1 inch. Fold again to hide the cut edge of the paper. Repeat on the other open end. Secure the folded edges with tape. If desired, punch two holes through the folded paper on both sides. Thread ribbon through the holes and tie into a bow.