Crunchy Wings 3 Ways

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Crunchy Wings 3 Ways

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January 5 2024


Add a little crunch to your game day with three air fryer chicken wing recipes. These tried and true flavor combinations will beat out the snacking competition! 

  1. Air-Fried Lemon Pepper Wings

    Bright lemon-pepper flavor and a crunchy, kettle-cooked chip coating go hand in hand. Just wait until you dip these air-fried wings in Hy-Vee ranch & dill sour cream dip!

  2. Air-Fried Flaming Hot Buffalo Wings

    Your new favorite wings are marinated in buffalo sauce and coated with crushed Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Serve with Hy-Vee vegetable party dip to cool down your taste buds.

  3. Air-Fried Japanese Barbecue Wings

    You'll savor every bite of these sweet and spicy wings! Kick the flavor up a notch by dipping them in Hy-Vee bacon & cheddar sour cream dip.