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Technology Identifying Fastest Checkout Lanes Debuts at Des Moines-Area Hy-Vee

February 13, 2017 | News & Press Releases


Technology that Identifies Fastest Checkout Lanes Debuts at Des Moines-Area Hy-Vee
Omaha startup IndaFlow introduces Feloh system today at Valley West Hy-Vee

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa (Feb. 11, 2017) — Hy-Vee, Inc. is partnering with Omaha, Neb.-based company IndaFlow to improve the grocery checkout process and create efficiencies for customers. The patent-pending technology, called Feloh, includes sensors that detect how many carts, people and items are in each checkout lane.

Inside each checkout lane light are 833 LED bulbs that gradually change colors as the lines change. Green lights direct customers to the fastest line, while yellow and orange lights warn customers of longer ones.

In addition to creating a more efficient shopping experience for customers, the system alerts checkers when there are items at the bottom of a cart. A complementary mobile app aggregates all of the data and provides recommendations to store directors on ways to staff more efficiently.

“Creating conveniences for our customers is of the utmost importance, and that includes providing shorter checkout wait times,” said Jen Kopriva, district vice president of Hy-Vee’s north central region. “We are excited to debut this technology in the Des Moines market with a goal of moving our customers through checkout faster so they can continue with their day.”

The Valley West Hy-Vee began piloting the technology earlier this week. Other stores that will pilot the system beginning this month, include: Fort Street Hy-Vee and 180th & Pacific Hy-Vee, both in Omaha, and Mall of the Bluffs Hy-Vee in Council Bluffs. The system has been in beta testing at the Papillion Hy-Vee in Nebraska since May 2016.

“It’s amazing how quickly we were able to go from concept to beta testing of the Feloh system; the product has been working flawlessly,” said Jacob Richards, founder of IndaFlow. “Through the partnership with Hy-Vee, our goal is to have the technology in 50 stores by the end of 2017, and 150 stores by the end of 2018.”


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