6 Fresh Mum Arrangements for Special Occasions

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6 Fresh Mum Arrangements for Special Occasions

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September 15 2020


Not only are mums the signature flower of fall, but they're perfect to dress up or dress down. Use them to decorate your home for a fresh look or bring the fall flower inside for a special fall bouquet or arrangement for a special occasion like a fall wedding! Hy-Vee is your one-stop-shop for colorful mums! 

  1. Bag O' Gold

    For a porch or covered deck display, place potted mums in burlap carrying bags from the Hy-Vee Floral Department. Choose your favorite mum colors. Flowers in burnished colors like gold, orange, and red convey a truly autumnal display.

  2. Between the Limes

    Half the fun of this arrangement is that it's not the traditional color of the season. Stack limes in a compote pedestal bowl, then tuck the long stems of green Kermit button mums between the limes. Fill with water. 

  3. Pumpkin Planter

    Hollow out a pumpkin—a white pumpkin shows off these pastels, while an orange pumpkin would work with orange, red, and gold mums. Place a vase or other watertight container inside the pumpkin and fill with various types of mums and foliage plants, such as the ornamental kale, hydrangea, and eucalyptus shown here. 

  4. Floating Mums

    For a varied splash of colors, fill a low bowl or punch bowl halfway with water. Snip mum flowers off stems and drop in water. Pictured: orange, yellow, pink, and purple-pink daisy mums as well as yellow spider mums, "football" mums, and button mums.

  5. Artistic Flourish

    Spider mums are so exotic looking, they practically beg for the spotlight. Show off the artistry of individual flowers by placing them in individual vials or vases. Snip off the majority of the leaves for a cleaner, more modern look that showcases the zig-zagging stems. 

  6. Fake Cake

    This "cake" is a feast for the eyes, not your tummy! Place a sheet of Oasis floral foam, about an inch thick, into a square baking pan or ceramic dish. Add water. Cut stems to about an inch and push into the wet floral foam. Create a design and color scheme such as these pink and green button mums!