5 Reasons Why You Need a Cast Iron Skillet

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Cast Iron Skillet

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February 19 2018


If we could only pick one pan to cook with, here's a few reasons why it should be a cast iron skillet.

  1. Everything Proof

    Cast irons are the definition of a "go-to pan." This heavy-bottomed pan is designed for high heat sources, such as the stove top, oven, campfire, or grill. 

  2. Non-Stick

    The more you cook high-fat dishes in your cast iron, the more non-stick it becomes. 

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  3. Easy Clean-Up

    Soap is not recommended for cleaning these pans—hurray! Simply wipe out the food bits with a cloth, rinse with warm water, and dry thoroughly.

  4. Inexpensive

    We all know how expensive it can be to go out and purchase pots and pans. But, depending on the size of skillet you get, you can typically purchase a good cast iron skillet for under $30. 

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  5. Longevity

    Cast irons have been used for many years and are sometimes passed down from generation to generation. If taken care of properly, cast irons do not scratch, even when you use metal utensils, making them last for many years to come.

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