How To Grill Bone-In Ribeye Steaks

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How To Grill Bone-In Ribeye Steaks

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Things To Grab

  • Bone-In Ribeye steak, 1-1/4-inch thick
  • Paper towels
  • Desired seasoning
  • Charcoal or gas grill
  • Metal tongs
  • Instant read meat thermometer
  • Platter or cutting board
  • Aluminum foil

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    Grilling Ribeyes? Learn how to get a good char on the outside, juicy pink interior, and irresistibly tender texture. 

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    1. Select a steak that's at least 1-1/4-inch-thick with marbling throughout. 

      Hyvee Culinary Expert Tip
      Marbling is a term used to describe the white streaks of fat laced throughout a cut of meat. The more marbling, the more flavorful and tender the meat will be.
      Hy-Vee Butchers
    2. Trim exterior fat on the steak to 1/4-inch to prevent flare-ups on the grill. Pat the steaks dry with paper towels and season as desired. Allow to stand at room temperature for 20 minutes. 

    3. Prepare a gas or charcoal grill for indirect cooking over medium heat. Sear steak over the direct heat for a couple minutes per side, only turning once.

    4. Finish grilling the steak over indirect heat to desired doneness, turning halfway through. 

    5. Insert an instant-read meat thermometer into the center of the thickest part of the steak, away from the bone and fat. 

      Hyvee Culinary Expert Tip
      Remove steak from heat when then temperature is 5 degrees lower than desired doneness as the temperature will continue to rise while the steak is resting. Rare: 125 degrees; Medium-Rare: 130 degrees; Medium: 140 degrees; Medium-Well: 150 degrees; Well: 160 degrees.
      Hy-Vee Butchers
    6. Transfer steak to a platter or cutting board; loosely cover with foil and allow to rest for 5 minutes for the juices to redistribute.