6 Ways to Enjoy Rosé that Will Change Happy Hour for Life

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6 Ways to Enjoy Rosé that Will Change Happy Hour for Life

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Two glasses of strawberry frozen slushy, garnished with lime slices


August 27 2019


Frosting. Slushies. Gummies. There's more than one way to enjoy Rosé.

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  1. Sangria that Makes You Blush

    Replace white or red wine with Rosé in your favorite sangria recipe. Pair with seasonal fruits, fresh herbs, and sweet citrus liqueurs for a playful twist on a summer cocktail.

  2. Wine Slushies

    The slushies you remember as a kid are just as delicious as an adult. Only now you can add wine. Create a summery frozen cocktail by blending frozen cherries, berries, ice, and chilled Rosé.

  3. Float Your Rosé Boat

    For a fun and fruity dessert, Rosé floats hit the spot. Pair sparkling Rosé with your favorite sorbet. We recommend lemon, mango, peach, or strawberry sorbets to bring out the citrus notes of Rosé.

  4. Dress Up Desserts

    A few splashes of Rosé in homemade glazes, fillings, and whipped creams is all it takes to elevate a dessert from good to can't get enough.

  5. Go for the Garnish

    For a simple Rosé makeover, top your glass with fruits and fresh herbs. And if you're really into experimenting, try adding a flavored simple syrup to sweeten the deal.

  6. Rosé: Not Just a Beverage

    Looking for a fun and playful finger food? Try serving Rosé Gummies with fresh fruit at your next gathering. Just use cold Rosé instead of juice in our recipe for Cran-Grape Gummies