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One Step Water

One Step Water purchases help finance our goal of building 10 wells every year in water-stressed areas.  

Hy-Vee One Step Water, sold in individual one liter bottles and multipacks, helps finance the construction of wells that serve whole communities with clean, safe drinking water. The lack of reliable access to fresh water is a global crisis. Worldwide, one in six people lack access to safe drinking water and two in six lack adequate sanitation. Hy-Vee partners on well projects with organizations that are already deeply committed to helping educate local residents about nutrition, hygiene and sustainable agriculture. With the sales of all Hy-Vee water products helping to benefit the One Step program, we've set a goal of building 10 new community wells in water-stressed areas around the world each year.

Partnering with Wells Around the World

Since 2011, One Step Water purchases have helped construct nearly 100 wells in 11 nations around the world that provide safe, clean water for thousands of people every day. Countries with One Step wells are Chad; Nigeria; Lebanon; South Sudan; Tanzania; Haiti; South Africa; Kenya; Uganda; Ghana; and Nepal.

Digging a well in Caimen

Community well in Caimen

Well site in Chad

Well with Robin Song in Bengamia,Chad

Celebrating a well in Haiti

Fresh water and irrigation in LaColline, Haiti

Community gathering showing support for wells
Women showing support for well

One well is for a women's center housing about 25 women, but it will also serve approximately 3,000 residents in Asikuma, and the other well is for a Christian school of 315 students. These are part of a four well, $35,000 donation to Acts2Collective.

One Step Water purchases have helped construct nearly 40 wells around the world that provide safe, clean water for thousands of people every day.

Why We Need Community Wells

  • Reduce the danger and burden of fetching drinking water Girls younger than age 15 are twice as likely as boys to be the family member responsible for fetching water, often spending six hours a day fetching water
  • Reduce water-related disease Half of the world’s hospital beds are filled by people suffering from water-related diseases
  • Improve water quality by reducing runoff and erosion Trees and shrubs along waterways slow flood waters, reduce erosion, cool the water for fish and wildlife and filter harmful runoff from adjoining lands
Water graphic
Water-Related Disease

Accounts for nearly 20% of deaths in children younger than age five.

One Step Water Bottle

Help Us Provide Wells

The purchase of Hy-Vee One Step Water helps fund critical clean water projects around the globe.

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