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Helpful Smiles TV App: Stream. Shop. Smile.

HSTV is where free, original streaming content meets online shopping. Watch fun food, drink, and lifestyle shows, then make the featured products your own with the tap of a button. Get cooking and recipe how-to’s, then recreate the dishes at home by shopping products used in the episode. Get a richer entertainment experience that lives right at your fingertips wherever you want it, whenever you want. It’s all possible with the Helpful Smiles TV app.

As you watch our shows, keep an eye out for the red plus sign. Tap it to shop the featured item! You can add the product to your shopping bag and check out to have it shipped directly to your home, or keep watching and shopping. That's all there is to it!

The app's features include:

  • Fun, entertaining, and inspiring shows available to stream for free anytime, anywhere.
  • The ability to subscribe to your favorite shows so you get notified when a new episode is available.
  • Shoppable content! Tap featured products in each episode or go to the Shop tab to shop specially curated home decor, cooking, and lifestyle items.

Stream from the HSTV App

Shop from the HSTV App

Smile at all the ways you can enhance your lifestyle with the HSTV app

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