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The Upromise program turns Hy-Vee purchases into college savings using your Fuel Saver/Upromise College Savings card.

Upromise can turn your purchases at Hy-Vee into college savings

Join the millions of families who turn their everyday spending into college savings. A college education is part of the American dream, and saving for your child’s college tuition is one of the many challenges of being a parent.

upromise logo Upromise and Hy-Vee are dedicated to helping you save for your child’s college education. When you join Upromise for FREE, your favorite brands, like Nestle®, Tylenol®, Lysol®, Beech-Nut®, Hefty® OneZip® and hundreds more contribute a portion of your eligible purchase at Hy-Vee into your Upromise account.

Join Upromise. It’s FREE and EASY!

  1. Pick up your Hy-Vee/Upromise College Savings key tag at your local Hy-Vee.
  2. keytagJoin Upromise FREE at and register your 12-digit Hy-Vee/Upromise key tag. (An example of the 12-digit account number is shown below.)
  3. Look for Upromise tags on the shelf or check for participating partners and their brands.
  4. Have your Hy-Vee/Upromise key tag scanned prior to checkout and purchase participating products. Your college savings will automatically be credited to your Upromise account.

Tell your friends and family to save even more!

Grandparents … aunts … uncles … and friends can make a big impact on how much you save for your child's college education. Upromise makes it easy for you – with just a simple click of a button you can send personalized invitations to family members to help contribute. When they join, a portion of their everyday spending will be automatically deposited into your child’s account.

upromise save for collegeTo learn more about this FREE opportunity to save money for college, please click here.


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