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Improved Search in Aisles Online

February 16, 2018 | Technology

We’re happy to announce the launching of a new and improved Aisles Online search experience. Our Aisles Online customers told us they love the convenience of shopping online. They can pick out their groceries whenever and wherever they want, and we’ll prepare them for curbside pickup or delivery.

Yet they also told us that placing an order wasn’t as efficient as they wanted it to be. We dug into the problem and discovered room for improvement in the digital cart-filling process.

Now, instead of having to search for every item on a list, customers can use the “My Frequent Purchases” page to quickly select frequently-bought items and add them to their cart—no search required.

We also know that searching for a long list of items can be cumbersome, so we added a search suggestion feature that suggests the item you might be looking for. 

For items that do require a search, we made that easier, too. In other words, customers will notice that only relevant items appear in the search results. That means if you type in “sour cream,” you won’t get “cranberry juice” in the results.

We hope our Aisles Online customers will continue to enjoy these enhancements and continue letting us know how we can improve your online shopping experience. We’re always listening!