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Hy-Vee Launches New Resource to Help Patients with Private Insurance Access Insulin for as Low as $35 Per Month

Using manufacturer-sponsored savings cards, eligible patients can get a 28-day supply for as low as $35 per month at their local Hy-Vee Pharmacy

October 5, 2023 | News & Press Releases

Hy-Vee, Inc. is launching a new resource to help patients with diabetes who are covered under commercial/private insurance save on hundreds of insulin products at their local Hy-Vee Pharmacy.

Using a manufacturer-sponsored savings card, eligible patients with commercial/private insurance (or those without insurance who pay in cash) can get a 28-day supply of insulin for as a low as $35* per month at their
Hy-Vee Pharmacy. Patients can begin accessing and applying manufacturer-sponsored savings cards to their insulin prescriptions online by visiting before picking up their insulin prescription.

The manufacturer-sponsored savings cards are available to patients ages 18+ and accepted at all Hy-Vee Pharmacy locations. Once submitted online, the manufacturer-sponsored savings card will be automatically applied to future qualifying insulin prescriptions for up to 12 months at Hy-Vee Pharmacy.

“Our goal is to make it even easier for patients to manage their diabetes by increasing access to affordable insulin,” said Aaron Wiese, president of Hy-Vee, Inc. “By bringing more awareness to manufacturer-sponsored savings cards, we can help more patients save on their monthly insulin prescription at Hy-Vee Pharmacy.”

Hy-Vee Pharmacy patients can quickly refill insulin prescriptions online or by contacting their local Hy-Vee Pharmacy. New patients can transfer to Hy-Vee Pharmacy online or by contacting a nearby Hy-Vee Pharmacy.

*Some restrictions apply. Patients should see their pharmacy for additional eligibility details.


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