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Store Management

District Store Director

Dan Vondrak

Manager Store Operations
JJ Geariety

Delicatessen Manager
Jen Bailey

Assistant Manager General Merchandise
Miguel Luna

Floral Manager
Shelly Walker

Assistant Manager Perishables
Derek Slaughter

General Merchandise Manager
Charlie Geariety

Charcuterie Specialist
Karl Pagel

General Merchandise Manager
Heather Miller

Edi Cucurullo

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Devann Klampe

Tracy Klostermeyer

HealthMarket Manager
Curt Christenson

Customer Care Education Manager
Lisa Willert

Italian Express Manager
Isaac Olson

April Graff, MS, RD,LD

Kitchen Manager
Sarah Blace

Human Resources Manager
Tonya Lenz

Meat Market Manager
Scott Walker

Aisles Online Manager
Lisa Willert

Pharmacy Manager
Brian Cornelius

Product Manager
Eric Peterson

Produce Manager
Dan Hanson

Bakery Manager
Nick Bode

Starbucks Manager
Kaylea Von Feldt

Asian Express Manager
Isaac Olson

Wine & Spirits Manager
Tina Baldwin

Dairy/Frozen Manager
Jamie Bernardson

Store Manager
Joe Cullinan

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