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Store Management

District Store Director

Rob Reif

Assistant Manager Perishables
Nichole Blair

HealthMarket Manager
Bryce Carlson

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Dustin Monroe

Meat Market Manager
Matt Klepper

Backroom Manager
Dan Barnhouse

Night Stock Manager
Andre Pack

Catering Manager
Tom Vifquain

Pharmacy Manager
Jill Loos

Certified Wine Specialist
Donny Utterback

Produce Manager
Oscar Ortega

Customer Care Education Manager
Lily Noel

Seafood Manager
Joel Knott

Jennifer Dunavan

Wine & Spirits Manager
Tyler Brunk

Human Resource Manager
Jeanne Thomas

Assistant Manager of Health, Wellness and Home
Clare Jaros

Caribou Coffee Manager
Mary Baumgartner

Bakery Manager
Robert Harris

Dairy Manager
Orion Virchow

Store Manager
Donny Utterback

Delicatessen Manager
Kate Moyer

Aisles Online Manager
Jake Mitchell

Floral Manager
Khrysta Stransky

Food Service Manager
Ben Schiermann

Frozen Foods Manager
Drew Hosler

Fast & Fresh Manager
Jake Knouse

General Merchandise Manager
Jeff Samuelson

Hy-Chi Manager
Trung Luu

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