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Store Management

Store Director

Jim Ewoldt

Accounting Manager
Stacia King

General Merchandise Manager
Nicole Hill

Catering Manager
Jordan Hopwood

HealthMarket Manager
DeAnn Gardner

Certified Wine Specialist
Paul Magiera

Hy-Vee Gas Station Manager
Shane Hansen

Charcuterie Specialist
Lee Anderson

Italian Express Manager
Mitchell Thurston

Customer Service Manager
Sara Christensen

Meat Market Manager
Jorey Piper

Amanda Jochum, RD,LMNT

Night Stock Manager
Matt Eiden

Laura Johansen, MS, RD, LMNT

Pharmacy Manager
Ashley Schilling, PharmD, RPh

Human Resource Manager
Cameron Byers

Produce Manager
Andy Chandler

Marketing/Events Coordinator
Amanda Ewoldt

Starbucks Manager
Heather McCoy

Marketing/Events Coordinator
Kelli Mull

Wine & Spirits Manager
Bill Bourne

Aisles Online Manager
John Salerno

Hickory House Comfort Foods Manager
Joel St. Cyr

Bakery Manager
Joseph Vizcaya

Assistant Director Store Operations
Ryan Gardner

Chinese Express Manager
Emily Wang

Customer Experience Director
Dan Ensz

Dairy Manager
Eric Hamilton

Assistant Director Perishables
London Sampson

Delicatessen Manager
Josh McBreen

Assistant Director Health, Wellness and Home
Paul Young

Floral Manager
Barbara Coffin

Grocery Manager
Chris Docker

Frozen Foods Manager
Eric Hamilton

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