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Adrienne Pullins

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Adrienne Pullins

Adrienne (Hartley) Pullins is your Barry Road Hy-Vee dietitian!  Adrienne received her bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences and completed the Coordinated Program in Dietetics at the University of Missouri in 2007.  She previously worked for Hy-Vee from 2011 to 2017 and is happy to be back in the aisles helping customers optimize their nutrition. Nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and Adrienne aims to help shoppers improve their health with simple goals, practical suggestions and delicious food.

Stop by your Barry Road Hy-Vee and meet Adrienne today!


Individual Nutrition Counseling
Meet with your Hy-Vee dietitian when you need help following recommendations from your doctor, need to follow a special diet or have any nutrition concerns you would like assistance with. Your Hy-Vee dietitian will help you develop a personalized plan tailored to your health needs.

Topics for consultations are based on your needs and area of interest. Common topics include weight management, pre-diabetes, diabetes, celiac disease, heart health and overall wellness. Invest in your health today through nutrition counseling, and let your Hy-Vee dietitian assist you with meeting goals that will improve your health and well-being for life.  Contact Adrienne at (816) 505-1000 or [email protected] to schedule your appointment.

Pricing information:

  • Super Shopper – Perfect for those who feel they just have a few questions or need a little refresher regarding nutrition.  Includes a one-on-one nutrition counseling session (30 minutes) and a personalized nutrition store tour (1 hour). $62.50
  • Getting Healthy – For those who want a more detailed plan. Includes two one-on-one nutrition counseling sessions (30 minutes each) and a personalized nutrition store tour (1 hour). $125
  • Making the Change – For weight loss or disease management.  Includes four one-on-one nutrition counseling sessions (30 minutes each) and a personalized nutrition store tour (1 hour). $250

Supermarket Tours & Personal Nutrition Shopping Assistance - Free
Would you like some help shopping for specific dietary needs such as diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, weight management, celiac disease or new meal ideas? Contact Adrienne at (816) 505-1000 or [email protected] to schedule an aisle-by-aisle shopping tour. To experience a more personalized store tour to meet your needs, first sit down for a half-hour consultation. Tours are also available for private groups. 

Call to schedule a tour, or watch for announcements on upcoming group tours.

Community & Worksite Wellness Services
Health and wellness programs developed by the Hy-Vee registered dietitians are available for your business or organization. These programs may be presented in the store or the dietitian can come to you. Programs may include nutrition presentations, cooking demonstrations, health screenings, weight management programs and health fairs. Contact Adrienne, your Hy-Vee dietitian, to discuss program scheduling, topic ideas and fee information.

Cholesterol Screening - $45
Fast, reliable results in minutes using the Cholestech LDX System. The screening is done by a simple finger prick with results in 15 minutes. You’ll receive a complete printout of total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, TC/HDL (total-cholesterol-to-HDL) ratio and serum glucose. While you're here, we will obtain your blood pressure, height, weight and body mass index. Please call (816) 505-1000 or email Adrienne at [email protected] to make your appointment. Fasting 10 to 12 hours prior to your appointment is required.

Begin™ Program
The Begin Healthy Lifestyle and Weight Management Program is a 10-week program led by your Hy-Vee dietitian. This program emphasizes eating for good health, weight loss and being physically active. Begin™ is not a “diet”- Begin™ is a plan to help with lifelong wellness. Visit with Adrienne, your Hy-Vee dietitian, for more information and pricing.

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