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Store Management

District Store Director

Mike Winblade

Assistant Manager General Merchandise
Dawnelle Greenamyer

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Jennifer Caldwell

Assistant Manager General Merchandise
Travis Sage

HealthMarket Manager
Gabriella Klenklen

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Matthew North

Hy-Vee Wine & Spirits Manager
Adam Pick

Backroom Manager
Dylan Webb

Meat Service Manager
Eric Fine

Catering Coordinator
Garen Shorten

Night Manager
Susan Kenny

Customer Service Manager
Kristy Robinson

Pharmacy Manager
Alex Estes

Adrienne Pullins

Produce Manager
Jim Scarpino

Human Resources Manager
Tina Petty

Seafood Manager
DeJean McQuillar

Product Manager
Kevin Allen

Starbucks Manager
Jordyn Collins

Asian Express Manager
Fu (Sam) Yim

Food Service Director
Chris King

Caribou Coffee Manager
Payton Vahldick

Mia Pizza Manager
Adrian Perez

Delicatessen Manager
Courtney Roberts

Bakery Manager
Mike Mingus

Floral Manager
Bobbie Albert

Store Manager
Evan Eslick

Fuel Station Manager
Brian Fletcher

Assistant Food Service Manager
Shawn Hyatt

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