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Go with the Flow with Beginner's Yoga Moves

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    Stretch, sculpt and say good-bye to stress, all in just a few square feet of space. Start improving flexibility with these simple poses.

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    1. woman in a plank position with elbows bent so that her upper arms are parallel to the floor

      Move 1: Chaturanga

      Start in a high plank, with shoulders slightly ahead of wrists and on the toes or balls of feet. Push back through the heels to engage quadriceps, and push sternum forward. Body should form a straight line from crown of head to feet. Exhale and bend elbows, keeping them drawn in against sides. Slowly lower body toward the floor, until shoulders are the same height as elbows, keeping body straight and core engaged.

    2. woman standing straight up with hands in prayer position

      Move 2: Mountain

      Stand with weight evenly distributed through four corners of feet; place palms together at chest height. Tuck tailbone to engage thigh muscles. Inhale and elongate through torso; extend arms up. Exhale and release shoulder blades down as arms lower to sides.

    3. woman standing on her left foot with the bottom of the other foot pressed against the side of her left calf; her hands are in prayer position

      Move 3: Tree

      Start in mountain pose. Shift weight onto right leg and place sole of left foot inside right thigh or right calf. Bring palms together in prayer hands at chest level. Inhale and extend arms over shoulders, palms facing one another. Hold for 30 seconds. Lower and repeat on left leg.

    4. woman in warrior pose
      woman standing in warrior pose

      Move 4: Warrior

      Start in mountain pose. Exhale; step right foot back about 4 feet into lunge position keeping left ankle directly under left knee and hips facing forwards. Raise arms above head. Expand chest and pull shoulders back.

    5. woman with her hands and feet on the mat in the position of an inverted v

      Move 5: Downward-Facing Dog

      Start on hands and knees with hands directly under shoulders, knees under hips, and feet hip-width apart. Walk hands forward and spread fingers, pressing palms into mat. Press hips toward ceiling, bringing body into an inverted V.

    6. More moves: Check out this beginner's yoga video for more.