How to Make a Succulent Centerpiece

How-to Article

How to Make a Striking Succulent Centerpiece in Minutes

Primary Media

Succulents with White Flours in a Rustic Pot

Things To Grab

  • tin conatiner
  • rocks and soil mix
  • one 6-pack of succulents
  • 12-18 white flowers (fresia, ranunculas, and mums)
  • 5 flower tubes



  1. Assorted Succulents

    Step 1

    Plant a 6-pack of succulents, below. Use a low container with 3- to 4-inch sides and a drainage hole. Add enough rocks or pebbles to cover the bottom of the container. Add cacti-and-succulents soil mix, which provides the drainage necessary for succulent plants.

  2. Succulents with White Flours in a Rustic Pot

    Step 2

    Dress up your everyday centerpiece with fresh flowers. Designing is fun and fast. Choose a few blooms from Hy-Vee’s Flower Market line or from the cooler. Then, clip the ends and put two or three blooms together into a water-filled tube (available from the Hy-Vee floral department). Poke three to five tubes into the arrangement.