How To Make a Floral Wreath

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How To Make a Floral Wreath

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Things To Grab

  • Oasis floral foam wreath
  • Water
  • Desired flowers, such as mums
  • Floral scissors



Floral wreaths are stunning, but a bit pricey if you're purchasing them already made. But did you know you can make your own? Pick up your favorite variety of flowers in your favorite colors and use our easy how-to to guide you. You just need a few supplies to get started.


  1. Soak the base of an Oasis floral foam wreath in water.

  2. Snip off clusters of flowers, leaving 3/4-inch stems.

  3. Insert flower clusters in floral foam. Fill gaps with individual flowers, also with 3/4-inch stems, to cover the foam.

  4. Hang your floral wreath for all to see!