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Store Management

Store Director

Rod Burns

Assistant Manager Perishables
To Be Announced

Fuel Station Manager
Jon Kottich

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Noah Rizek

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Josh Lee

Accounting Manager
Amanda Johnson

HealthMarket Manager
Adam Kottich

Backroom Manager
Doug Dakan

Italian Express Manager
Kathy Classen

Catering Manager
Ron Svasek

Meat Market Manager
Jake Simmons

Certified Wine Specialist
Kerwin Wasenius

Pharmacy Manager
Jeff Weyers

Becky Guittar, RD,LMNT

Produce Manager
Adam Deters

Human Resource Manager
Reagan Vollman

Salad Bar Manager
Teresa Nagengast

Product Manager
Christy Woeppel

Seafood Manager
Jeff Sedivy

Bakery Manager
Mike Kenney

Sushi Manager
Cindy Luu

Caribou Coffee Manager
Mark Dunham

Wine & Spirits Manager
Danielle Bugay

Chinese Express Manager
Troy Luu

Hickory House Comfort Foods Manager
Ashna Clark

Dairy Manager
Chris Bachman

Assistant Director Store Operations
Matt Burt

Delicatessen Manager
Dana Scully

Assistant Director Perishables
Kerwin Wasenius

Floral Manager
Julie Meyer

Marketing Merchandising Director
Mark Nagengast

Frozen Foods Manager
Katie Slocum

Manager of Health, Wellness and Home
Brenda Dinges

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