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Store Management

Manager General Merchandise
Mark Knepper

Dairy Manager
Fangman John

Manager Perishables
Jeff Buxton

Delicatessen Manager
Susan Jansen-Hoppman

Manager Store Operations
Jimmy Armbrecht

Floral Manager
Illa Arthofer

Manager Store Operations
Ashley Underwood

Fuel Station Manager
Alli Hohmann

Manager Food Operations
Connor Lewis

Kitchen Manager
Andrew Brashaw

Cheese Specialist
Kathy Johnson

Meat Market Manager
Alan Helle

Roy Johnson

Pharmacy Manager
Jillian Lewis

Online Shopping Manager
Martha Wallace

Produce Manager
Jared Wiest

Personnel Manager
Chas Wiepert

Wine & Spirits Manager
Mark Kasemier

Product Manager
Lori Reuter

Store Manager
Steve Deutmeyer

Coffee Shop Manager
Chelsay Crenshaw

District Store Director
Jim Carney

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