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Store Management

District Store Director

Wade Leppert

Assistant Manager Perishables
Naomi Wheatley

Hy-Vee Wine & Spirits Manager
Andria Boulier

Assistant Manager Perishables
Nick Wood

Meat Market Manager
Mike Athens

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Jeffery Kinkel-Schuster

Pharmacy Manager
Peter Elliot

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Jaime Tessman

Produce Manager
Megan McCarthy

Human Resource Manager
Laurie Spilman

Seafood Manager
Tyler Rawlings

Bakery Manager
Alban Crook

Starbucks Manager
Sharell McCoy

Dairy/Frozen Manager
Vicki Webb

Grocery Manager
Mason Pena

Floral Manager
Michelle Salmon

Store Manager
Tony Baccam

Fuel Station Manager
To Be Determined

Hy-Chi Manager
Ka Man Wong

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