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Store Management

Store Director

Larry Sandal

Assistant Manager Perishables
Michael Ward

General Merchandise Manager
Tessie Diver

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Wendie Comer

Meat Market Manager
Glen Graham

Backroom Manager
David Pearon

Night Stock Manager
Levi Ladd

Certified Wine Specialist
Mike Evans

Pharmacy Manager
Allison Ehlinger

Human Resource Manager
Jeff Hasker

Produce Manager
Kerry Willoughby

Online Shopping Manager
Brigette Jeffries

Seafood Manager
Ina Howe

Product Manager
Wendie Comer

Starbucks Manager
Sam Massey

Bakery Manager
Brett Virtue

Wine & Spirits Manager
Mike Evans

Convenience Store Manager
Mike Viner

Food Service Director
Rick Nielsen

Delicatessen Manager
Candice Adams

Grocery Manager
Kyle Rizer

Floral Manager
Beth King

Store Manager
Drew Atkinson

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