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Store Management

Store Director

Brian Wilken

Assistant Manager Perishables
Tyler Rose

Dairy Manager
Mike Boots

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Christopher Cortez Sr.

Floral Manager
Cassie Parrott

Certified Wine Specialist
Mike Berry

Frozen Foods Manager
Mike Boots

Certified Wine Specialist
Lynn Mischke

General Merchandise Manager
Jen Frey

Cheese Specialist
Meredith Davis

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Janis Barger

Jack Craft

Meat Market Manager
Jimmy Thomsen

Customer Service Manager
Ashley Craig

Pharmacy Manager
Cindy Quaas

Human Resource Manager
Sarah Kew

Produce Manager
Kylar Davis

Marketing Coordinator
Mandy Schumacher

Starbucks Manager
Megan Buckley

Online Shopping Manager
Whitney Olsen

Wine & Spirits Manager
Bryan Roney

Bakery Manager
Scott Sherwood

Store Manager
Jeff Hoppman

Chinese Express Manager
Tony Ha

Food Service Manager
Emily Hudson

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