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Store Management

Store Director
Matt May

Meat Market Manager
Jordan Fenton

Manager Store Operations
Mark Shepherd

Pharmacy Manager
Paul Oehrlein

Assistant Manager Perishables
Eddie Cupp

Produce Manager
Darrin Zink

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Thomas Ramirez

Wine & Spirits Manager
Aaron Luna

Certified Wine Specialist
Heidi Danielsen

Store Manager
Dan Anderson

Certified Wine Specialist
Aaron Luna

Service Manager
Tiffany Brown

Human Resource Manager
Carey Gibson

Service Manager
Tom Bull

Product Manager
Kelsi Connell

Service Manager
Scott Heskett

Asian Express Manager
Anthony Savala

Service Manager
John Langworthy

Delicatessen Manager
Ashly Hoeck

Service Manager
Michael Smith

Floral Manager
Tara Landers

Service Manager
Jermey Zutle

Fuel Station Manager
Nancy Tingley

Aisles Online Manager
Sean Grey

HealthMarket Manager
Brian Bitterman

Food Service Manager
Scott Boche

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