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Store Management

Manager General Merchandise
Angela Daicy

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Joan Jaimes

Assistant Manager Perishables
Megan Brewer

HealthMarket Manager
Kelsea Taylor

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Ryan Jensen

Meat Market Manager
Nick Stouffer

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Travis Sage

Pharmacy Manager
Emma Berry

Catering Manager
Alex Chesney

Produce Manager
Bryan Burch

Customer Service Manager
Karen Sluyter

Seafood Manager
Barry Loeb

Human Resources Manager
Ann McKay

Starbucks Manager
Carolyn McGuirk

Product Manager
Lori Anselmo

Food Service Director
Jason Fitts

Bakery Manager
Katlyn Roberts

Store Manager
Ryan Zehr

Delicatessen Manager
Miranda Breon

District Store Director
Luke Long

Floral Manager
Kathy Buning

Co-Store Manager
Kaleb Rawlings

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