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Erin Good

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Erin Good

Erin Good received her Bachelor of Science degree in dietetics and Spanish minor from Iowa State University. She completed a 12-month dietetic internship at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, Children's Hospital of Illinois and St. Jude Affiliate in Peoria, Illinois. Erin has over 6 years of experience as a Hy-Vee dietitian and specializes in heart disease, diabetes, gastric bypass and weight management. She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the Iowa Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and completed her Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management in October 2013. Erin is passionate about guiding, motivating and helping others achieve a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Feel free to contact Erin at [email protected] by email or call the office at 515-216-2770 to set up an appointment and take advantage of the following services.

Your Waukee Dietitian Services Include:

Personalized Nutrition Tours (individual or group): FREE

The grocery store is the best place to turn your nutrition goals into action! Walk through the aisles and discover new food choices, learn how to read food labels, and review ingredient lists with a nutrition expert by your side. Each tour is personalized towards your health goals such as: weight loss, heart health, lowering blood pressure, and much more. Call the Dietitian Office at 515-216-2770 to schedule your tour today!

No Excuses Nutrition Bootcamp: $200

Ten group classes (60 minutes) or ten individual classes (15 minutes) Willpower, accountability, and motivation. The trifecta for optimal health. This 10-week program taught by your Waukee dietitian will teach you to prioritize your health, gain more energy, and boost confidence. Available in-store or on-site at your business!

Biometric Screenings: $45 by appointment only

Your Hy-Vee healthcare team is here to help you identify your numbers. In less than 10 minutes, your screening will reveal the results of a full lipid (cholesterol) panel - the same as you'd get at your physician's office. You will also receive your BMI (body mass index), blood pressure, and body fat percentage. The Hy-Vee difference is that a dietitian will explain your results and provide suggestions on how to improve your numbers, if necessary. A pharmacist is also available to discuss any medication questions.

Individual Nutrition Consultations: By appointment only

Seeking the services of a registered and licensed dietitian is an investment in your health. A dietitian is going to do much more than tell you what to do - in some cases, you already know what to do! The trick is to identify what you're not doing. No one expects to learn a foreign language in one session. Learning proper nutrition and how to create a healthy lifestyle takes time, too. That's why we offer a variety of packages that allow you to choose the number of visits with your Hy-Vee dietitian.

Nutrition Presentations – Prices vary

Make healthy happen at your business, school, or organization. Erin can present on a nutrition topic of your choice designed as a luncheon presentation to meet your group's needs and interests, organize interactive health fairs, lead hands-on cooking demonstrations, teach weight-loss programs, perform health screenings and much more. Contact Erin to discuss topic ideas and fee information.

Wellness Wednesdays – 10% off HealthMarket items every Wednesday

Shop your Waukee HealthMarket aisles to take advantage of the 10% discount on all HealthMarket items, vitamins/supplements as well as organic produce.

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