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Store Management

Store Manager

Tonia Petterson

District Store Director

Nate Stewart

Assistant Manager Perishables
Eileen Morales

Delicatessen Manager
Trevor Feuerhelm

Assistant Manager Perishables
Nikkia Pack

Floral Manager
Jody Fairchild

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Mason Capps

HealthMarket Manager
Jessie Davis

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Shannon Hughes

Meat Market Manager
Jonas Hovenga

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Chase Mick

Night Stock Manager
Keith Braunschweig

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Curt Sills

Pharmacy Manager
Kerianne Roder

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Brennden Swalley

Produce Manager
Tim Mullins

Accounting Coordinator
Kaitlin Modderman

Seafood Manager
Ben Tallman

Accounting Coordinator
Linda Smith

Wine & Spirits Manager
Eric Essmann

Catering Manager
Zach Malone

Assistant Human Resources Manager
Denise Constable-Beener

Jason Scafuri

Assistant Manager of Health, Wellness and Home
Laura Bieker

Data Analyst
Randy Berns

Brianna Schuchhardt

Erin Good, RD, LD

Fast and Fresh Manager
Janell Clason

Human Resources Manager
Karen Norton

Bakery Manager
Jamie Adams

Online Shopping Manager
To be named

Food Service Manager
Eric Willson

Restaurant Manager
Nicole Kolenda

Assistant Manager E-Commerce
Sharon Lilly

Caribou Coffee Manager
Shelby Johnson

Hy-Chi Manager
Bien Le

Dairy/Frozen Manager
Randy Halferty

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