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Beau Ketchum

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Chef Beau Ketchum, a native of the Pacific Northwest, followed his heart (a certain redhead) to Iowa City.  He began his career at Hy-Vee, stocking shelves at night, while his days were spent caring for his newborn son.  His hard work and dedication moved him from the graveyard shift to assistant manager.  The community began to recognize him as part of their grocery experience, as he won the hearts of Coralville with his passion to serve the customer. 

It was his love for all things edible that lead him to pursue his dream job as a chef.  As a recent graduate of Escoffier International Culinary Academy, he is excited to launch his new career with Hy-Vee, a place where he has made his mark as a service provider.  Chef Beau's mission is to inspire the people of Coralville and Iowa City to eat better tasting and healthier meals through live food demonstrations, catered parties and by sharing his personal recipes. 

Now when you come to your Coralville Hy-Vee, you can still expect the same great service and friendly faces, but with the addition of Chef Beau's tasty creations.