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Ornament Board

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    Let this grazing board be the “star” of your Holiday gathering. The colors, textures and flavors in this beauty will add a festive touch to your celebration.

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    Servings and Ingredients

    Columbus prosciutto panino
    Pitted Italian Castelvetrano olives
    Hot whole sweet Peppadew piquanté peppers
    Lightly sweet oatcake biscuits
    Aged Cheddar cheese
    Marcona almonds
    Spiced pecans
    Culinary Tours Italian dry black pepper salami
    Basket & Bushel red raspberries
    Fig & pecan seeded crisps
    Creamy Gorgonzola wedge, crumbled
    Extra sharp yellow Cheddar cheese chunk, sliced
    Soirée Manchego cheese chunk, sliced
    Brie bites
    Pomegranate arils
    Fresh rosemary, for garnish

    Things To Grab

    • Small round serving board


    1. Arrange prosciutto, green olives, spicy-sweet piquanté peppers, oatcake biscuits, crumbled aged Cheddar cheese, Marcona almonds, spiced pecans, Italian dry black pepper salami, raspberries, fig & pecan seeded crisps and crumbled Gorgonzola around a small round serving board.

    2. Cut extra sharp Cheddar and Manchego cheese slices into triangles. Arrange cheese triangles, in a circular pattern, on top other ingredients to create a star shape, leaving center of board open.

    3. Fill the center of board with brie bites and pomegranate arils.

    4. Garnish edge of serving board with fresh rosemary, if desired.